About Youth Orchestra of  The Netherlands

The Youth Orchestra of The Netherlands consists of approximately 85 talented youngsters  between the ages of 14 and 20 years, from all parts of the country.

They share passion and flair, enthousiasm and courage. For many members, YON is a stimulus to go for a career as a professional musician. And for youngsters with a different ambition, YON offers a perfect opportunity for further musical development.

Guided by the renowned conductor Jurjen Hempel, YON plays the big symphonic works from the romantic orchestral repertoire. But the orchestra is also receptive to modern, experimental music and it does not turn its back on a cross-over with light music.

First and foremost, YON strives for making music together at a high level. During rehearsal times, the members work enthousiastically on a fully fledges concert programme. Much attention is paid to technique, repertoire, interpretation, and style. YON is an important school for performance in an orchestra in The Netherlands.

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